• Feel the Pressure
    Feel the Pressure At Blue on Water, we know how to help you get rid of it
  • On The Rock
    On The Rock Scotch: No matter how you drink it, you should drink it here.
  • From Scratch
    From Scratch It takes a new meaning here at Blue on Water. In a lot of cases, we don't just go for fresh, we grow our own.
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With over 35 single malt scotches to choose from, it'll be a little while before you get to the Irish whiskeys. But who's in a rush.


Since its inception in 2004, Blue On Water has been supporting the greater St. John’s area, striving to back local farmers, artisans, craftsmen, and community organizations and events.

From hand crafted soaps by TVAL just down Water Street to local art hung on the walls, we support Newfoundland and Labrador. As well, we buy from as many local producers as possible to guarantee a premium quality to our customers. Outside of our own business, we also sponsor organizations and events to promote a happier and healthier community.



We are a proud sponsor of the Shriners and we give generously every year. The Shriners organization is primarily run by volunteers, and a very high percentage of money raised goes directly to fund their various hospitals and charitable events.

Salvation Army Food Bank

We are also a proud sponsor of the Salvation Army Food Bank and each year donates proudly to this cause. Ensuring that families and individuals have sufficient access to quality food items is an important service in our community.

Minor Sports

Along with the above non-profits, we also support minor sports and believes that sport helps shape our youth’s future.

Sponsorship Requests

Every day Blue on Water is inundated with requests for donations. If you are not on the list of organizations we already sponsor and you wish to be, please print and fill out the sponsorship request form. We have a budget for sponsoring, so we will consider sponsorships not already listed above. Donations for unrelated organizations or activities will be denied.

Please fill out the request form and fax to 709-754-4380 or email to info@blueonwater.com. You may also drop off your request form, if it is more convenient.