• Feel the Pressure
    Feel the Pressure At Blue on Water, we know how to help you get rid of it
  • On The Rock
    On The Rock Scotch: No matter how you drink it, you should drink it here.
  • From Scratch
    From Scratch It takes a new meaning here at Blue on Water. In a lot of cases, we don't just go for fresh, we grow our own.
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With over 35 single malt scotches to choose from, it'll be a little while before you get to the Irish whiskeys. But who's in a rush.


Like so much else at Blue on Water, our bar is stocked based on experience. With over 150 wines from around the globe, beers of of every type and the largest collection of Scotch on the island, we have the perfect drink to highlight your stay. We know what works well, whether it’s paired with one of our memorable meals or served on its own.