• Feel the Pressure
    Feel the Pressure At Blue on Water, we know how to help you get rid of it
  • On The Rock
    On The Rock Scotch: No matter how you drink it, you should drink it here.
  • From Scratch
    From Scratch It takes a new meaning here at Blue on Water. In a lot of cases, we don't just go for fresh, we grow our own.

Local Luxury

Blue on Water's signature can be found in the details. Locally owned and operated, we maintain the hospitality that the island is known for, all while putting our own touch on everything we do. From our fresh ingredients bought from local suppliers to our large selection of Scotch whisky, nothing is missed. So, whether it's our award-winning restaurant, our boutique hotel, or our popular, well-stocked bar, Blue on Water is the place to find luxury with that local influence you don't want to miss.